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The Latest Lotto Results and Jackpot Updates in NZ

Biggest lottery wins in New Zealand

The New Zealand Lotto has had some exciting big wins over the years. The jackpot climbs and climbs, sometimes all the way up to a maximum of $50 million. Let’s take a look at some of the most impressive wins:

  • A syndicate of 10 women who were all dental professionals won $30 million in September 2017 and split the winnings equally. Each of the women took home $3 million!
  • An anonymous and lucky Aucklander had a $33 million winning ticket in October 2013. Today, this still holds the record as the second-highest single-ticket win.
  • In June 2009, a syndicate took home $36.9 million and the family shared the prize money equally.
  • Two winners from Warkworth and Greytown split a prize of $38 million in November 2017. Each walked away with $19 million after winning the Powerball.
  • Almost two years later, in October 2019, another two winners split a $38 million prize playing Powerball. They were both from Auckland.
  • In November 2016, a couple from the Hibiscus Coast won a massive $44,066,667 Powerball prize.
  • Two winners each won $25 million as the Powerball jackpot hit its capped limit of $50 million in February 2020. This was the first time a ‘Must Be Won’ draw had been made since 2016.
  • If there is no winning ticket for the First Division Powerball jackpot, the prize is split between the winners of the Second Division. This happened in August 2020 when the Powerball jackpot was at its maximum of $50 million. 10 winners from the Second Division took home $5 million each.

How To Check The NZ Lotto Results On Your Mobile?

By downloading the Lotto NZ Official app, you can see the NZ Lotto Results on your mobile. The app is a free and easy way to check the results for your Lotto, Bullseye, Keno, Play3 or Instant Kiwi ticket. You also can use your preferred internet browser on your mobile and go to the MyLotto website to check the results.

If you bought your ticket online or on the mobile app, you can watch a virtual draw to find out the winner.

How to check your NZ lotto tickets ?

The Lotto NZ App is also helpful to check your tickets. There is a ticket scanner in the bottom of the Menu within the app.

If for some reason your Lotto, Keno or Bullseye ticket is not scanning correctly, you can check your ticket by entering the ticket’s serial number. To do this, you have to click the ‘Trouble Scanning’ link button on the scan page and there you will be prompted to enter your ticket’s serial number.

If that also does not work, you can go to an authorised Lotto store and check your ticket there.

The official Lotto NZ App -How to Check NZ Lotto results

Features of this App:

Download the official Lotto NZ App today on your mobile and enjoy some of the following features that make playing in Lotto NZ even easier. On the app, you can buy tickets to play Lotto, Powerball and Strike. Tickets are available for purchase right up until the draw. You can save your favourite numbers to make playing online and in the store that much easier. The app gives you the option to watch your own virtual draw and check if your digital ticket is the winner. If you purchased your ticket in a score, don’t worry. You can scan any tickets or scratchies you purchase offline or in a store in your app to see if it is a winning ticket. You can easily login to your account on the appat any time with a 4-digit code.

You can learn more about the official NZ Lotto app here on our FAQs page.

Pros and Cons of MyLotto App NZ

Here are some of the pros of using the MyLotto NZ App:

  • It is monitored and led by a national entity, therefore it is legal and official
  • There is a wide selection of lottery games so you can play your favourite games virtually wherever you are
  • Able to claim prize money if your ticket is a winner
  • There are other perks when using the app, including features that allow you to save and store your favourite numbers, check your ticket, scan paper tickets, and watch virtual draws.

Here are just a few cons of the MyLotto NZ App:

  • The mobile app is only available to those within New Zealand
  • Even though you can claim your prize through the app, it is a bit more of a complex process when the prize is a larger amount of money

MyLotto Website

The MyLotto website is the official New Zealand lottery website. On the site, you can purchase tickets, play online games, and check results. Additionally, by creating an account, you can keep track of all your tickets, save your favourite numbers and view draws online. Playing Lotto NZ has never been easier.

Other Lottery App In NZ

In addition to MyLotto, there are other Lotto mobile apps that are available for you to check the New Zealand Lotto results. However, it is important to remember that MyLotto is the only official app that is maintained by a national entity, and enables you to purchase tickets online.

Some other lottery apps in NZ are:

  • Lotto Results NZ – A free app where you can check the NZ Lotto results and set up notifications so that you receive alerts when draws are completed and results can be checked.
  • Lottery Results – This app also provides the results for various NZ Lotto games, such as Lotto, Powerball and Strike. This app also has a numbers generator feature and a prize analysis calculator.
  • LotteryHUB – This app provides the latest lottery results for not only New Zealand, but other countries as well. It also provides news on recent offers, updates about prizes and jackpots, and ticket scanning.

Remember that some of these apps may have a fee to download or to access specific features, and also might require you to create an account. There are plenty of apps available to you so you can always have the latest and most recent draws and ticket results.

Text message

When using a mobile app to check NZ Lotto results, we recommend enabling text message notifications so that you will know when draws have been made and results are in as soon as possible. To opt in, you will need to create an account.

When enabling text message notifications, you will receive a text message with the winning numbers and any other important information about the most recent draw.

While text message notifications are a convenient way to immediately know results, you of course can still check results in the app yourself, online, in Lotto retailers, or watching the draw on TV.

Social Media

NZ Lotto has official social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where the latest results, updates, and announcements are frequently posted.

Follow the various social media pages and you won’t miss an announcement!

Of course, it is still recommended to check results with the other options available to you.